The adrenaline rush that you get after having destroyed the opposing team in Laser Tag knows no bounds! The friendly rivalry accompanied by the excitement to win is an altogether different emotion. The only drawback to this game was its lack of approachability. But now, with laser tag that comes to you, such worries are long gone. They are the deemed present for birthday parties, the haven for all fun that laughter and friendly competition brings about.

Their eight default weapon types – Burst Rifle, Battle Rifle, SMG, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Sniper, and Battle Cannon – have a long-range accuracy that makes the game more realistic.

There are four utility boxes in this advanced gaming scenario – Respawn Station, Medic Box, Weapon Box, and Sensor Box. Various functions provided by each of these boxes make the game more interactive.

You can select one of the three-game types, each of which is equally stimulating:

  • Domination

The teams run around a battlefield, trying to score as many points for their team as possible.

  • King of the Hill

One of the teams defends a supposed hill as the other team tries to usurp it.

  • Capture the Flag

The aim is to retrieve the enemy’s flag and return safely to your territory.

Laser Tag Party Packages

There are primarily three Laser Tag packages out of which you can select the one that suits your appeal. The setup and takedown fee is inclusive in the price for all packages.

  • 2 Hour Laser Tag Special

Price: USD 325

This package consists of three utility boxes, twelve battle rifles&twelve tactical objects. Capture the Flag is its prominent attraction. Bluetooth speakers are a part of the package.

  • 2 Hours Laser Tag Special Effects Showdown

Price: USD 399

This package consists of three utility boxes, fourteen battle rifles, fog machines, twelve tactical obstacles, Bluetooth sound system, LED mask, & special effects,  for the  V.I.P. Multiple game types are available on request.

  • 2 Hour Mobile Laser Tag Shutdown

Price: USD 350

This package consists of three utility boxes, fourteen battle rifles, &twelve tactical obstacles. Multiple game types are available here too. Bluetooth speakers are a part of the package.

Laser Tag Birthday Parties for Kids

Yes, we all like themed birthday parties. They give our imagination a boost. But have you ever thought about a Laser Tag themed party? If not, then it’s about time you do. They are a great idea for kids to have a memorable action and adventure-filled birthday bash. Laser Tag That Comes to You does a marvelous job at satisfying this thrill. And not only do they come to your home with their equipment, but set up a stage for performing live-action.

Laser Tag Birthday Party at Home

With mobile Laser Tag, now your home can be converted into a laser tag dream come true. This may sound like a ruckus to parents, but your kids are bound to have a stirring experience. After all, who doesn’t like their on-screen games turned into reality!